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Sep, 2017

PO Little League Board Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2017 – Opened 6pm


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Treasurer – Treasurer’s Report for September 2017

Balance - Account 1 - $40,476.26     Account 2 - $1,730.27                       Combined Total $42,206.53

$234 petty cash


Comparison 2016 year: $34,779 this year we are approx. $8,000 ahead.


Outstanding Deposits to be made –

$300 HR derby cash

$20 collection for Fall Ball Lights - 9/9/17 fall ball game


Calendar Fundraiser Results -        $ 17,780 GROSS - 103 tickets not sold.

                                                            $ 5,600 PAYOUTS ($700 Winners Unsold)

                                                                        $ 12,180 – 2017 PROFIT FROM CALENDARS


Wood Bat Tournament Profit - $2,400.00 – Is this something we want to do in the future?

                                                            Compared to past $4,900 Profit in 2014


All Stars (Postseason Breakout Discussion) – Total Cost for PostSeason - $9,994.00


Need to Start Looking for a Replacement with Accounting Background


President – Jimmy Soltis

2017 Successful Season and Thank You to all involved

Open 2018 Executive Board Nominations – Will not be returning as President in 2018.

2017 Fall Projects – New Business

2018 Fundraiser Discussion

2018 Coaches – Email out to coaches for interest in returning in 2018 and filling vacancies   


Vice-President of Little League –JJ White - No Report


Vice-President of Sr. Little League – Troy Butler - Absent


Vice-President of Minor League – Tim Guenot - Absent


Secretary – Amanda Dickson - Absent


Player Agent – Emily Gette Doyle - Absent


Coaches Agent – Joe Desimone –

Coaches Recruitment and Training Program for 2018

Inventory Collection from all Coaches – Date and Time will be set by J. Desimone


Purchasing Agent – Rob Massung –

            Online Registration in 2018

            Start Registration Sooner


Safety Officer – Larry Kolbe - Absent


Field Mgr – Dale Warner

Field Closure – Fall Ball Teams will take care of Cages/Signs and Backstops upon season completion

OM Bleachers need repaired – D. Warner contacting OM Boro for assistance


Concession – Nan Thompson

            Concession Closure Tuesday Sept 12

            Contacting Poinsey at CMP to remove Water Heater blow lines at OM Concession


Old Business

            Tabled – Execution of Redraft Every Year.  Will be discussed at the Oct Meeting.  Feedback from coaches in attendance was positive…The results were balanced and more baseball for all kids.


New Business


  • Motion to Execute the Proposal from Craig Fencing to complete the 3rd base side project in the amount of $6,350.00 by Doug H. Second by JJ White. MOTION APPROVED


  • Motion to Approve the purchase of a TriAxle Load of Field Dirt for the Slabtown Complex by D. Warner.  Second J. Desimone.  MOTION APPROVED


  • Motion to Request Bids for the OM Dugout demolition and construction of new dugouts.  JJ White will be gathering design plans for the new Dugouts – Dale Warner will be reaching out to the OM Boro to get permission to proceed with this project.  MOTION APPROVED


    Bids will be requested from Myers Construction, H&R Contracting, Roger Kephart and Other Vendors


  • Motion to Open Nominations for the 2018 POLL Executive Board – JJ White, Second – Nan Thompson


2018 POLL BOARD NOMINATIONS – Posted on Facebook Page and The Progress


President –                

VP of LL -                                          JJ White

VP of Sr. LL  -          

VP of Minor League -                       Tim Guenot                                                  

Treasurer -                

Secretary –                

Player Agent                         Emily Gette-Doyle

Coaches Agent –                               Joe DeSimone

Purchasing Agent –                         Rob Massung

Safety Officer –                                  Dale Warner

Field Mgr –                                        Scott Stover

Concession Mgr-      


Open Forum


Discussion related to purchasing 3 Temporary Mounds for OM, CH and Slabtown LL Fields for ease of Mound Maintenance and also for the ability to utilize the fields for both Softball and Baseball.  Contacting Softball to see if they may be interested in splitting the cost to allow them to use both fields without impacting the playing surface.  Rob Massung will start to request pricing and options.


Discussion of building OM Bullpens – D. Warner will be reaching out to OM Boro to discuss locations and restrictions.


CH Batting Cage Net Replacement – 2018 Spring Purchase.  Net is almost 10 years old Needs to be replaced.


Discussion related to implementing a VOLUNTEER FEE in 2018.  Lack of Participation from families has increased.  In 2017, we had parents paying people to work their concession stand duties.  Should we implement a fee and reimburse families once they volunteer?  Fee amount was discussed at $20.00.


Should we make Coaches Attendance at Board Meetings Mandatory?  Or set a minimum number of meetings needed to attend to coach?


Can we set a Meeting Calendar of 12 months and publish?


Motion to Adjourn. JJ White  Second By J. Desimone



OCTOBER 22 – 6pm

BPOE 1173

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